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All of our Cameo pieces are one-of-a-kind unless noted with an edition size.

It occurred to me today as I was asembling some pages of new glass, that sometimes we have a helper to work with us, and we give credit for that help... desiging pieces, but rest assured, it is with art drawn by either Kelsey Murphy or Robert Bomkamp.

Some abbreviations you will encounter on this site, defined.... especially in color descriptions.


top = topaz

bl or blu = blue

blk = black

re = red (though mostly a short word will be spelled out)

cran = cranberry

wh or mlk = white (milk)

cob = cobalt blue

gr or grn = green

gry = gray

pur = purple

vio = purple

pl = plum (or purple)

ye or yel = yellow

or = orange

tur = turquoise

fav = favrene

bur = burmese

ru = ruby

fl = flashing (either hot or cold temp application causes the glass to change "white" or darker) 

ch or choc = chocolate

pi or pnk = pink

FO = french opalescent


and, though rarely, you might see these


beb = birds egg blue

sl gr = slate green

K li (or some variation of) = key lime green


I think that about covers it.... if you find something you cannot translate, please, by all means, ask! 

Creators of the world's most extravagant cameo glass


Here's where to go to see the photo album I have started..... hopefully, when completed, it'll have almost

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You can now find us on you can purchase any of our works there, of course, that is unless someone beat you to it! However, Jenny Gonze is trying to keep it as current as possible.

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