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The links below are places where you can find our glass for sale or on display as well as important information about Cameo Glass and it's history.  We encourage you to take a little time and visit:

 The Corning Museum of Glass


Ron Hinkle's Dying Art Glass



Collectors Showcase


 West Virginia Museum of American Glass



New Orleans Museum of Art


The Huntington Museum of Art


 The Best of West Virginia, Tamarack


Sherrie Hawk's Gallery



 The Oglebay Resort


 Got a photo that needs restored? Need a great portrait? See my good friends at Fugett Photography!







To Those of you who are Interested...

There is a facebook page and blog site, which, after a year of conversation with you, the collector, we plan to edit the  results and publish it as a coffee table book.

How would you like to share your collection with the world?  Do you have questions you'd like answered?  Pieces you'd like identified?  Opinions you'd like to share?  We encourage you to visit and participate!



(Facebook page)


Do you believe in Magic?


A lovely friend and fellow cameo artist that you should visit!



This lovely lady is writing our biography (or at least the story of us and cameo glass) and the book should be available in a couple of weeks! Watch for it at;



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Use the link above to go to Jim Wroda's Auction calendar and keep an eye on the upcoming auction (April 13th, 2013) of Kelsey/Bomkamp cameo. It will feature a fair number of the JC collection as well as some pieces from our own stock. It should be exciting! Below are a few photos of most everything that will be in the auction.

The auction will be held in Greenville, Oh. and you can get the address and directions off Jim's website, I believe it will be "live on line" as well as taking phone bids.... hope to see you there! And Happy Bidding!!


NOTE: Each of these pieces will be shown on line, individually, on Jim's website.

OR go here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.164847100331960.38596.100004200132461&type=1&l=5d73e4e712


I updated the products page, removing a dozen or so pieces that have sold recently....


There are a couple of  things I should mention;

1) there are a fair number of pieces on display and for sale at the Museum of American Glass in West Virginia (Weston, Wv)

with a portion of the proceeds going to support the Museum.


2) A good deal of our recent work has been custom order work.... we gladly take custom orders from anyone at almost any time.

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